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Halloween Movie Review #20: Near Dark

Near Dark is a monster movie that doesn’t really want to be a monster movie. You won’t see any pointy teeth and you’ll never hear the word “vampire” uttered. Yet cowboy Caleb, played by Adrian Pasdar, has unmistakably fallen victim to a ragtag gang of Creatures of the Night of a kind you’ll find familiar […]

ginger snaps sisters make pact

Halloween Movie Review #19: Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps is a sophisticated, intelligent, and messy horror movie. Somewhat thematically reminiscent of Carrie (though as more of a whiff than a parallel), it tells the uncomfortable story of two outcast sisters dealing with the typical challenges of adolescence: bullies, peer pressure, drugs, menstruation, unhelpful parents, and werewolf bites. You know, the usual stuff. It’s […]

Closeup of kid with hood on

Halloween Movie Review #18: The Orphanage

I suspect an “orphan” in the modern era has a much easier pill to swallow than in less enlightened times – or other countries. If you’ve grown up in an orphanage, I trust you formed special bonds with your cohorts and shared experiences that probably drive some of your choices and friendships through adulthood. So it doesn’t seem so […]


Halloween Movie Review #17: The Ruins

I think I would’ve enjoyed The Ruins a lot more if I hadn’t read the book first. This is another Suburban Americans Out Of Their Element tale in the same family as Deliverance and The Descent. Some young American tourists in Mexico team up with a newfound friend to investigate his brother’s disappearance while exploring […]